Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development (Apps)

We transform your ideas into mobile applications that will delight your users. Whether it’s a project that is 100% mobile or part of an integrated Web + Mobile solution, we have the experience to prove it, even in the most demanding challenges. For starters, the development for each platform is always done 100% in the platform’s native language (Objective-C or Java). And to continue:

iPhone Applications

iPhone programming is in our DNA. The applications developed by us are frequent presences in Apple's App Store Tops. Better than that is impossible, right?

iPad Applications

Because developing an application for iPad is not just about resizing an iPhone application, our iPad apps take full advantage of this privileged form of consuming content and entertainment... namely your own!

Android Applications

The huge variety of different devices that work with Android make this platform a real challenge. We're up to it!

App Marketing

The work surrounding an app doesn’t end when it is finally developed and made available for download on the respective platform store. The tops are ours, thanks to a strategic and meticulous marketing plan.

New Project? Contact us

Do you have an idea for a project that you would like to see take flight? Talk to us. We prepare customized plans with unique details to make your business fly.

Vertical Tabs


Integration with Content Management Systems (CMS)

We prepare the mobile applications’ interactions with the web, we connect the apps to your CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Alfresco, etc.), allowing the possibility to publish, edit and insert content from any device with Internet access. Publish on the web and it is automatically available on the mobile application and vice-versa ... all with just one click.

Integration with online shops

We transform your e-commerce shop into a m-commerce app, making your products available on a variety of mobile devices. Selling through new channels will only enhance the value proposition you have to offer your customers. Did you ever imagine that your shop could always be in your client’s hand?

Video and Audio Solutions

In order to expand the content offer, we integrate dynamic multimedia experiences into the applications we develop. Whether the idea is to provide multimedia content via streaming or allow your users to actively create video and audio content, using the camera and microphone now available on any smartphone, we have the know-how and experience necessary to make this happen.

Integration with social networks

A good app also has the advantage of contributing to the growth of your social presence: all you have to do is engage your customers in promoting your service/shop/ products through Facebook and Twitter, among others. A truly social app not only remains close to its loyal customers, but also helps you conquer many more.

Applications in multiple languages

We internationalize the applications we create, enabling them to speak multiple languages. Our apps are developed from scratch, with a multilingual system that allows you to be border-free!

Detailed statistics of app use

We provide a really useful set of metrics such as: number of downloads in each country where the application is available, user feedback and trends. But, more importantly, you’ll know who your users are, how they use your app, how often they use it and much more...

Custom developed tools

We design and build custom tools that seek the essence of each app we develop: calculators, converters, forms, interaction with databases, among other interactive components that enhance business potential. Seeing as we use the native programming language of each platform, our development has no limits.