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Tierno Portugal

TIERNO Portugal is a Portuguese luxury brand that manufactures clothes for newborns and babies up to 18 months old in an organic cotton fabric.

The name “Tierno”, latin origin for “tenderness”, is an ode to the love, care and dedication placed in each piece and to the art of well doing. Each of TIERNO's pieces tells a story and represents the tradition, the complicity between mother and child and the memories associated with the first months of the baby's life, being passed down from generation to generation and being part of family history.

Based on the TIERNO Portugal values, BloomIdea developed and implemented a Social Media Marketing Plan with the objective of increasing brand awareness at national and international level and strengthening the communication of a Portuguese brand that is so special and distinct.

BloomIdea is responsible for the planning and production of writing and design content for TIERNO's social networks, making the basic values ​​of the brand, as well as the quality of the product and the innovations of each season are presented to the public- brand in a strategic, captivating and appealing way.

The brand, internationally recognized, grows visibly from week to week and, in a world where presence on social networks is imperative, BloomIdea is proud to be part of another fashion project.

Without a doubt a dynamic, creative, available, humble and talented team to help sediment and grow a brand. A team that likes challenges and to challenge itself to do more and better.
- Joana Andrade Nunes, Founder of TIERNO Portugal

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