26 . February . 2019
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It’s the sector that’s making two billion annually in exports, exceeding 100% of export flow and breaking historical records, and that calls itself the “sexiest”, not only in Portugal, but throughout Europe. Footwear in Portugal has come a long way in recent years and is becoming a case of international success, each year reaching even further, both in numbers and in its own geographical presence in other markets.

22 . February . 2019
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Shopping online can be a wonderful experience. There’s no need to leave the comfort of our house, all the items are organized in one place, products in different shops can be quickly compared and with the bonus of choosing the most convenient place for deliver. But it can also be a very frustrating experience if the process is not well-designed.

22 . February . 2019
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The Internet has forever changed the way consumers acquire products or services. According to the latest data from the European B2C Ecommerce Report, over 3.1 million, or 35% of the Portuguese, already purchase online, this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, and that corresponds to a volume of business above € 3 billion. Internationally, this figure is rising to 1.61 billion, about 43% of all Internet users. Given that online shops have no borders, this means that almost 2 billion people worldwide are potential buyers.

05 . October . 2014
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Generally speaking, when we think of e-commerce, we think of an online commercial transaction between a supplier and a client. However, and although this idea is right, we can be more specific and actually divide e-commerce into six major types, all with different characteristics.