22 . July . 2016
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  • app marketing

Every app wants to be hugely successful and become viral, but in an increasingly crowded market, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd.

29 . September . 2015
  • luxury
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The luxury goods market has been growing steadily – in 2014 it represented 1.4 billion euros1, encompassing two categories: products (680 billion) and experiences (720 billion). This last category has registered larger growth than the first.

23 . May . 2015
  • ads
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Surely many of us have stopped for a moment to think about how we can take full advantage of our site or blog and make it profitable. It is within this context that I would like to shed a bit more light on the various ways that exist to optimize online earnings, especially with online advertising, which is one of the best and most common ways for a website to make money on the internet.

24 . October . 2014
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A marketing campaign always wants to achieve the following three results: a well-targeted message that reaches the previously defined target audience, a message that is understood by that audience and a message that encourages th

25 . June . 2014
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  • seo

What defines the position in which any given webpage is placed on a Google search is its complex and “ultrasecret” algorithm. Knowing that this algorithm is built on an infinity of variables and factors, this means that each one of those variables can be worked on.