5 good reasons for outsourcing content

5 bons motivos para fazer outsourcing de conteúdo

There is no way around it, content – really good content – is what stands out amidst the tsunami of information that is the Internet today. Any project or brand that wants to be successful online must necessarily produce regular high-quality content, something that unfortunately and due to several factors, is not always possible. This is where outsourcing content comes in.

1. You’re not good at writing

It is not news to anyone that content is king, but the crown doesn’t fit everyone, because not everyone was born to write. So, you’re not a good writer but you need fresh content for your site or the company blog every day? No problem! In this case, outsourcing content makes perfect sense because you’re not only going to subcontract those who have the skills for writing, but even better, those who love to write. What is this worth? By outsourcing written content, that huge weight you feel on your shoulders every time you remember that your content is outdated and there isn’t much you can do about it, will be lifted.

2. You need a lot of content

And with a kingdom so vast as the Internet, it is necessary to feed any project with plenty of content, in order to ensure that your brand doesn’t fall into oblivion, but also that it stays ahead of its competition and on top of the sector’s major trends and news. Now, if it takes you a really long time to write 1 or 2 articles per week, how will you write the 10 weekly articles that your website or blog requires to succeed online? This is where outsourcing content comes in. Did you know, for example, that Escrever.com has at its disposal more than 2500 writers, ready to write about any topic you want, within the deadlines you need? With this in mind, don’t you think that subcontracting content is at least worth giving a try?

3. You need a lot of high-quality content

In addition to a large amount of content, it is important to ensure quality content and, in this case, outsourcing allows you to get to know a variety of writers with different profiles and styles – one of which will most likely fit in perfectly with your project’s "voice". After you’ve found this writer(s), you’ll have a partner who will be a huge asset to you in terms of producing content that is simultaneously relevant to your brand and an expression of it.

By subcontracting this type of work, whether with one single writer or through a company that provides such services (like BloomIdea, for example), you’ll likely find experienced professionals who, in addition to five-star writing, may also suggest other types of content that might be a launching pad for the project in question. Outsourcing content can be applied not only to article writing and copywriting for social networks, but also for creating videos or memes.

4. You don’t have time to write

Between brainstorming, research, writing, proofreading and editing, the truth is that writing good content regularly, takes time. It is also true that even though you would love nothing more than to write your heart out, you just may not have that kind of time on your hands. Outsourcing content will solve this problem, with the advantage that you’ll be able to define exactly what content you want written and when. This doesn’t mean you can’t contribute with your own content to our own project, it means you’ll have help, you’ll have fresh and up to date content and, of course, you can contribute whenever time and inspiration allows you to.

5. You have other tasks, other priorities

You might enjoy writing, even have a knack for it and the desire to contribute to your own content creation, but the problem lies elsewhere – you have other priorities. If your are more valuable in managing the project as a whole or its financial growth, than in managing its content, then there is no better reason to opt for outsourced content. There are many good content producers that will happily (and professionally) create the content that your brand so badly needs. By delegating content work, whether partially or completely, you’ll gain time to focus 100% on other tasks. This way, the project has the opportunity to grow and flourish in all areas simultaneously. Convinced?