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17 . April . 2019
  • mobile

Many studies on consumption point to an obvious conclusion: most people hate to see ads while browsing the apps of their smartphones and tablets.

16 . April . 2019
  • seo
  • search engine marketing

Search engines are an indispensable technology in our daily lives, it’s through them that our cyberspace journeys begin. As soon as a question or a need arises, all we have to do is think of a word, and we’re immediately typing it into a text box, and without even pressing enter, we’re already being inundated with the results.

15 . April . 2019
  • marketing

It must be pertinent

Communicate something that reflects the brand's essence. Substantiate the image the brand wants to convey.

25 . March . 2019
  • app marketing
  • mobile

The app developers sometimes have a very specific target audience, and consequently a native language, defined.

25 . March . 2019
  • advergames
  • apps
  • jogos
  • marketing

Did you know that games are the most popular app category? It’s true! And it’s not just because of Pokémon Go in 2016; it’s been years since the games lead as the category with the most downloads. However, although they’re the user’s preference, few companies recognize the potential of this type of app as a technique to promote their company.