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11 . October . 2019

Product photography is a very important niche in photography and is currently essential for the promotion and dissemination of a brand. However, it is wrong to think that product photography is limited to an object on a white background since there are many ways to display a product.

10 . October . 2019

It is said that e-commerce is the future, but the truth is that, in the present, it is already a very significant sales channel for many companies.

24 . September . 2019

If the relationship with the client is one of the factors that define the success of a business, it is important not to lose any information and ensure that it is accessible to all employees who work directly with the customers, in addition to update it whenever there is new data.

17 . April . 2019
  • mobile

Many studies on consumption point to an obvious conclusion: most people hate to see ads while browsing the apps of their smartphones and tablets.

16 . April . 2019
  • seo
  • search engine marketing

Search engines are an indispensable technology in our daily lives, it’s through them that our cyberspace journeys begin. As soon as a question or a need arises, all we have to do is think of a word, and we’re immediately typing it into a text box, and without even pressing enter, we’re already being inundated with the results.