Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

In recent years, digital has become the only medium with registered growth in advertising investment, compared to the decrease in other mediums - and this is not by chance! Advertising in digital media – and specifically online – offers guaranties and possibilities with which traditional media simply cannot compete.

A PPC campaign obtains fast results, with guaranteed accuracy in terms of measuring and evaluating results. This means you can know exactly how much to invest in order to achieve the intended goals and, subsequently, what is your Return of Investment, or ROI.

This, of course, if the campaign is properly planned and managed - and this is where BloomIdea can help!

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Consulting and planning
We select and compare platforms, identify the target audience, segment the ads, analyze and define keywords. All in order to help you achieve the best possible results.
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Management and monitoring
We maintain a constant campaign monitoring, developing A/B tests and assessing its performance in real time, optimizing it.
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Forecasting and control of cost/budget
We create optimized landing pages and analyze the selection of the keywords for each campaign.
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Ad creativity
We produce all the content for the creation of an ad, from copy to design.
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Final evaluation
We analyze the results and costs, presenting reports for each campaign.