Adoeci project is a free platform that promotes the union of people who have been diagnosed with the same pathology and enables the exchange of ideas and information and the sharing of experiences between them.

This project aims to bring together a community with several groups, such as the group of people suffering from fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety disorders, among others, and is aimed at patients and families who feel the need for support to overcome what they are going through.

BloomIdea has accompanied the growth of this project since its beginning, in 2013, and implemented a platform with a very clean and responsive design. This online space for sharing and help has a modern look that invites navigation, which makes people feel good when talking about the medical condition affecting them or their families.

Adoeci was highlighted by Cidadania 2.0- a platform that brings to light projects and initiatives that use social networks and tools, among other technologies that stimulate dialogue in society and promote citizenship- and is now a great online community.

BloomIdea takes pride in standing with Adoeci since the beginning and to be, once again, associated with such an important project in the health field, because we also believe that sharing is the best medicine!

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