âme moi - Portuguese art and tradition in luxury accessories.

âme moi

Portuguese art and tradition in luxury accessories.

âme moi was born in the Entre-o-Douro and Minho regions, a brand of luxury accessories that highlights the cultural heritage and the crafts of the area, that values quality and exclusivity, and that is inspired in the equestrian world to bring life to its collections. If each woman is unique, so must her purse be - and âme moi values elegance, delicacy and rigor when presenting its products.

However, the brand had a fairly simple online store, which was unable to keep up with âme moi's needs and the will to grow across borders and obtain sales internationally.

Thus, âme moi has sought BloomIdea for a total reformulation of its digital presence - the brand now has a bilingual online store (in Portuguese and English) which, not only is intuitive in what the back office management is concerned, but also strengthens âme moi's image by presenting a page dedicated to the photo shoots of the collections, a page concerning the inspiration for each collection, a page with the content from social networks, a page with press clippings and even a page with all the information regarding the brand's points of sale. In the e-commerce aspect, the products are displayed in a simple manner, so that the customer can have total control over the product catalog and the position in the store.

âme moi's clients can now shop with tranquility, paying by ATM references, credit card or PayPal, and receiving an automated email as soon as the order is placed, ensuring constant and reliable communication with the brand.

For this project, BloomIdea implemented a design that fits the concept ans positioning of the brand, relying on a simple trend that made the navigation and shopping experiences fairly pleasant.

The result is in sight, and BloomIdea succeeds once again in the fashion business.

âme moi