Externato António Nobre

Externato António Nobre

Schools play a key role in the development of children, and the parents' concerns and demands are, of course, becoming more and more considerable. For this reason, constant contact between parents and teachers is essential.

At Externato António Nobre, the increasing interest of the guardians led the institution to spend a lot of resources in the communication regarding events in the schoolyard, meetings with teachers, assessment schedules, timetables, weekly meal plans, photo repositories, among many other important topics. Thus, in order for the information to reach the parents easily, Externato António Nobre chose BloomIdea to create a mobile app, exclusive to the educational institution, in Portuguese, where parents and teachers would be in contact.

BloomIdea then developed an integrated platform with BackOffice and native applications for Android and iOS operating systems, allowing parents to be informed of all activities and topics related to the institution. This app is exclusive to the school, being available only for a strict group of users: the teachers and the office of Externato António Nobre can send messages to the guardians (individually or in group) through the app - which works in an unidirectional way, so as to limit any possible interruptions to the teachers - and the parents are notified every time there is a new post (a notice, a photo, or a document related to the student). In addition to being private or public, messages can be personalized, which allows for a varied and effective communication.

Thanks to BloomIdea and a design that aims to privilege usability, Externato António Nobre's app allows the guardians to be aware of all the information, a click away.

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