Iupki - Learning music in an easy and fun way


Learning music in an easy and fun way

Available in two languages, European Portuguese and English, Iupki is a platform designed to teach music to children, where teachers and educators find a complete portfolio of educational content. By purchasing a subscription (which can be monthly or yearly) the user has unlimited access to variations of a song, to songs of a certain theme, and even to staves, to promote the teaching of music in an interactive and intuitive way. If the user chooses not to subscribe, Iupki also allows buying separate contents, in packs with all the variations (instrumental, score, lyrics, original, etc.) or just the song. It was thinking about educators, parents, and teachers that the platform was developed so they can listen to songs online and offline, through the apps or the web version. With the educators' interests in mind, the apps allow for the creation of multiple playlists that can be shared with other users.

BloomIdea was the chosen partner to develop the native applications, in iOS and Android, and the web version of the platform that allows to manage all fronts. The platform is prepared to integrate payments with credit card and Paypal, in euros; it allows the exportation of orders; the management of discount coupons; the sending of automatic base emails; a personalized system for the calculation of royalties; and it also has an advanced system of automatic editing of video and audio, in order to generate the thousands of audiovisual contents available. The app, besides all the offline features, is also prepared to automatically generate content previews.

In a time when homeschooling and confinement are the reality, BloomIdea is proud to work on a promising project that helps parents and teachers encourage the learning of the little ones through original, didactic, and fun content.