Jomafe is a family-owned company with over 40 years of experience in the kitchen utilities commerce, emphasizing table cutlery. It is a company that relies on high quality, functional products that meet the need of the consumers, being, therefore, a reference in the market.

Aiming to widen its digital presence, Jomafe asked BloomIdea to create a new website to reinforce the brand's position and notoriety among its audiences and partners. In order to improve the user's navigation between menus, BloomIdea developed a website with a very clean, sophisticated and intuitive look, in Portuguese, English and Spanish. At the content level, the new website has a section that regards the company's history, a reserved area for members, and other fields where the company's products are portrayed (from the classical models to the ones with the most innovative design).

The main focus of the company is the national market, but it also has businesses in the international market. The main countries to which it exports, are Spain, England, Morocco and Brazil.

Jomafe aims to create unique appliances that make its costumer's life easier, since it believes that the happiest family moments are at the table, BloomIdea is sympathetic with this idea by helping the company standing out in the digital area.

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