Nunex E-commerce

Nunex E-commerce

Nunex is a company from Grupo Ghost (owner of the brands Suavecel and Fortissue) that stands out for being a leader in the production of diapers for children and adults and other personal hygiene products, 100% manufactured in Portugal.

With several years of experience in this sector, Nunex felt the need to be present digitally and sought BloomIdea's help and services. Faced with the challenge launched, BloomIdea was the partner responsible for the digitization of the whole group and for the development and implementation of Nunex's e-commerce store, which marked the beginning of the brand's online sales. The sales process is easily accomplished and features a fairly intuitive and user-friendly look that pleases all visitors.

This decision proved to be the best in the brand's overall strategy, since it allowed it to assert itself online, cement a prominent place in the national market and, at the same time, lay the foundations for reaching new international markets.

It recently won the European Innovation Award, in the category “Baby Care”, for the design of the “Active Dry” diaper, which has strengthened its credibility among its audiences and partners. It is also worth pointing out that the internalization process that the brand developed together with BloomIdea allowed it to export to destinations such as France, England, Norway, Morocco or China, among other countries.

Nunex has been able to internationalize its brand and assert itself digitally by innovating its technological services, and with the help of BloomIdea promises to continue developing new, wider and more global commercial projects.

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