Nunex Worldwide

Nunex Worldwide

Nunex Worldwide is a company that emerged from a group with over 20 years of experience and success in the personal hygiene market. It gathers brands like Active Dry, Nunex, Lady + and Intimus, and it's also responsible for the production of several private label products, which guarantees it a wide and diverse range of products of exceptional quality.

In order to further highlight the quality of its products and to provide a better and more complete service to its consumers, the company technologically challenged BloomIdea, namely in the digitization of the company and in the development of its website. Thanks to its knowledge and experience in the digital field, BloomIdea contributed to the digital transformation of the company and has developed a new website in Portuguese, Spanish and English with a very clean, intuitive and user-friendly look. There you can find information about the company, the brands of the group, the private label section and a section for media and certificates, where you can find all the company's news and certificates.

Nunex Worldwide recently won a European award for innovation in the “Baby Care” category, for the design of the diaper “Active Dry”, and it's currently internationalizing its brand, exporting to destinations such as France, England, Norway, Morocco or China, and addressing countries such as Germany, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba or Nigeria. Its goal is to become an internationally important player, and BloomIdea is proud to stand by its side in its cross-border growth and expansion.

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