Origens Bio

Origens Bio

With the premise that organic food is always the best option, Origens Bio promotes a balanced diet based on diversified and innovative products, whose production guarantees environmental sustainability and the preservation of the planet. Presenting solutions for everyone, including those following stricter diets (such as the vegetarian diet, or the gluten-free, sugar-or lactose-free diets), Origens Bio has a green policy that deserves to be highlighted, making food free of GMOs, pesticides and chemical fertilizers accessible.

Origens Bio's project

Increasing its notoriety, and consequently the number of sales, were the objectives of the company when it contacted BloomIdea, which conceived an online store with several advanced features to captivate and retain customers. Origens Bio's e-commerce now includes a loyalty program by score, an integral management system of promotional campaigns through back office, and an ambassador program. To facilitate its management and maintenance, the e-commerce was also integrated with the invoicing system (facilitating price changes, inventory management, and invoice issuance) and with payment methods providers (so that customers can make payments through PayPal, credit card and Multibanco reference).

To assist in the image of Origens Bio (and thus offer relevant and specialized information to a greater number of people) the Origens Expert area was created, integrated with the newsletters sending system, where it is possible to access recipes, events and nutritional articles.

As far as sales are concerned, some features have been implemented to facilitate navigation and ordering. Thus, the store is adapted to desktop and mobile, has a personalized score system, includes an advanced management system of promotional campaigns (promotion creation tool, automatic discount percentage label, header highlights...), a free shipping alert and an offer alert on the shopping cart, an automatic system of emails for pending payment orders, a chatbot, integration with WhatsApp Business, and the possibility to subscribe to an alert of availability on sold out products. Features that make all the difference when it comes to an e-commerce.

Origens Bio online store was designed and developed by BloomIdea with the aim of offering Portuguese customers an intuitive platform with good usability, and the result is in sight. Origens Bio makes a difference in its sector and BloomIdea is proud to be the ally in this new digital platform.

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