Suop - Trade everything you don't need for what you want the most!


Trade everything you don't need for what you want the most!

SUOP is a free app that allows registered users to exchange products that they have at home, and that they no longer use, for other products, that other users also want to exchange. The purpose of this app is to allow the exchange of used goods in a simple, interactive, and safe way, and BloomIdea gave shape to these wishes by creating a user-friendly and intuitive application.

Unlike other proposals on the market, SUOP does not allow sales, but promotes a circular economy. After registering in the app, the user can create ads to dispose of products that no longer interest them, and search for others that they need. BloomIdea developed an advanced algorithm to recommend the thousands of products available for exchange on the platform, allowing to apply filters on the products, based on category and geographical location. This way, the user can then show interest or disinterest in the products that are presented, in order to find a match. SUOP also has a chat so that users who match products can chat directly and adjust their preferences without complications. At the end of the day, the application also allows the user with whom the exchange was made to be evaluated, promoting a safe and trustful environment among users.

In addition to the free version, there is a premium version that allows you to post unlimited ads, filter the ads by value range, and even show only the ads of users who have already shown interest in yours.

For the success of this app, BloomIdea developed two native apps, iOS and Android, as well as a web back office. In addition, it was also responsible for the creation of all the intuitive and appealing design that the app presents.

Once again, BloomIdea is proud to make an innovative project full of potential to flourish.