UQ Consult - Grupo Ibersol

UQ Consult - Grupo Ibersol

UQ Consult is a management and accounting consultancy and services company that asked BloomIdea's help to develop a document repository for the Ibersol portal. This project aimed to keep all the information about the group's standards (such as Burger King, KFC, ÒKilo, Pans & Company, Pizza Hut, among others) organized, and to equip them with new technological tools to be up-to-date and deal with the market's new demands.

BloomIdea assisted in the migration of existing information- using and integrating Drupal with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), a protocol that allows you to organize network resources hierarchically, as a directory tree-, while maintaining the transitioning data's integrity. In addition, it created a robust and large portal that allowed to store all content in a structured way, based on the filling in of predefined forms and the archive of files in binary format, like images, PDF files, videos and audio files.

It was a valuable and large-scale project that BloomIdea had the pleasure to follow up and help evolve, making the companies in the Ibersol Group even more gifted and organized.

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