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Why Drupal development?

Today, the question is not whether or not you should have an online presence, but how! Whether you’re looking to promote a business or service, launch an e-commerce store, build or solidify an online identity, there is no way around it... you need a web platform to match.

Professional, user-friendly, multifaceted and intuitive, Drupal is a modular framework with an integrated content management system (Content Management System – CMS) and it has BloomIdea’s seal of approval!


Drupal has the ability to adapt to any type of business, regardless of size and market.


Drupal sites provide a number of solutions in order to be able to meet the specific needs of any client.


A highly trusted and safe platform, it is not surprising that Drupal is used by a diverse and impressive array of organizations spread all over the world, including the White House and The Economist.


The Drupal community is very large and active, which means that there are constant software updates, which in turn keeps projects current and competitive.

Integration with other systems

Drupal is a versatile system that enables integration with different types of payment systems, accounting and management tools, social networks, customer services and more.


Drupal websites allow us to present a design that is completely adaptable to mobile devices – a strategy that no one can overlook these days.


Whether it’s an institutional website, an e-commerce site, a social network or a digital publication, Drupal has the best solution for the development of the project.


Increasingly optimized, Drupal’s continuous updates have made this tool faster, more agile and able to withstand large amounts of traffic.


Do you know why Drupal is one of the most popular frameworks in the development of websites for government organizations? Because it has a very high security level. In addition to its robust authorization system, it contains several security features, including user authentication and access control.


At BloomIdea we also support the Drupal community with sponsorship, space to hold meetups, free training, free time for our programmers to develop modules for the community and we also contribute to the Portuguese Drupal Association site.


With over 15 years worth of updates and support – it has already undergone numerous tests in multiple environments – Drupal is seen as an essential business tool in the online world, thus earning the status of a professional and reliable platform.

Within a wide range of technological services, BloomIdea also offers a web development team specialized in Drupal, in order to create robust, versatile and secure solutions for our clients.

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