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The e-commerce boom

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing businesses – online stores have registered a huge boom and, if on the one hand there is an abundance of products to sell, the truth is that there are also so many people who have surrendered to online shopping! How to connect the two? With an online store based on a platform developed with the most advanced technologies, which has a beautiful virtual storefront and an intelligent back office. Ready to open the doors to your new online store?

What is the value of a great online store?

BloomIdea adds value to your store thanks to its knowledge and experience in the technological development of online stores: a team specialized in e-commerce will ensure the best platform to host and display your product in the most practical and appealing way possible. Without forgetting a premium design with high levels of usability – after all, who can resist a beautiful and functional online store? To this final package, we also add an integrated digital marketing service, which will put your shop out there, converting casual customers into loyal customers. The result is a compelling, versatile, reliable and scalable e-commerce project that has everything to be a success!

Advanced customer management

Customer management goes way beyond "Profile Management", allowing searches by name, email and date of creation; as well as customer feedback, product ratings, permissions management, among other features.

Integration with payment processes

Not sure how your online store’s payment system will be processed? We ensure a seamless integration of over 50 payment options (PayPal, bank transfer, ATM references, etc.) securely and without any complications.

Order management

We integrate the management process for the state of the order, billing and product delivery options. Thus, the online store will provide the logistical support for the company, facilitating orders and providing an added service to its customers.

Category and product management

Product and category management is one of the pillars of any e-commerce project and, in this field, we also guarantee unlimited options for easy organization of all the products in the online store with the help of categories and subcategories, where it is also possible to set prices, weight, images, sales and discounts.


And because each online store is unique, we are keen in providing flexible solutions, enabling a specific configurability by product type, dynamic product display and rules for customizable prices.

Scalability and Security

We want your online store to grow, a lot, and always safely, so we provide several safety options such as encrypted data traffic, security token and access history.

Content integration

Our content solutions are easily integrated with management tools, while simultaneously supporting the export and import of e-commerce data.

Performance and Statistic Reports

The platform developed can also include sales reports from the online store, traffic, product performance, analysis of metrics and KPIs, among other important variables. It is vital to record and present a set of information that allows you to control everything that happens on your e-commerce platform.


The development work also supports the need to introduce different types of currency, taxes and languages: do you need automatic currency exchanges and rates for multiple languages? We’ve got that covered.

Custom design

We create a design (layout, navigation, usability, filters, etc.) that is adjusted to the needs and image of your company or project, in order to create an inviting store where you feel like shopping!

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