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Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Online visibility is everything, and considering that in many cases 80% of traffic originates from search engines, SEO is critical to the success of your business. More often than not, customers know what they want, but don’t know where to get what they want. Search Engine Optimization will help drive customers directly to you.

At BloomIdea we develop several techniques and perfect existing ones, in order to increase the visibility of your business by improving its position in search engines.

Our methodology has been developed and is prepared to be adapted to the needs of each business. Some of the services we provide are:

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Vertical Tabs

SEO analysis of the market, competitors and competition
  • You probably already know who your competition is but, from an SEO perspective, the websites that you will be competing with might be a surprise to you;
  • We do a thorough analysis of your market, where we identify and evaluate both your competitors, and your competition in the search engines.
On-site SEO
  • The first step – and one of the most important – is the optimization of your own site. This way, you’ll be helping search engines do their work, easily finding your content and indexing it in the best way possible;
  • We do a detailed analysis of your site’s current state, identifying the points that could be improved and any necessary changes;
  • We identify your website’s strategic landing pages and prepare a plan for improvement, in order to achieve your goals. If necessary, we can also develop a plan from scratch;
  • We are prepared to support your technical team during the implementation of these changes or, if necessary, execute them ourselves.
Prospection and link acquisition
  • We identify relevant content, pages and communities for promoting your business;
  • We study and create online campaigns that attract links to your site.

Because SEO is transversal to several other digital marketing instruments, BloomIdea also integrates many other services for defining your site’s SEO strategy:

  • We create specific content for the specific SEO strategy goals, whether for on-site or off-site use;
  • We have a comprehensive network of partners that ensures that content can be published and shared with the ideal audience, in the right context.
  • The mobile market already represents a third of total traffic, and in the near future this number will grow;
  • We tailor the SEO strategy and techniques to be implemented in the mobile medium as well.
  • We develop a strategy for your business presence on social networks, as well as its respective management.