How to tell a story through video

Producing content for digital channels (web, mobile...) currently takes on many different forms – one of which is video. A premium visual and audio tool, creating a video for a project or brand allows one to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. And these stories may also have several purposes: informative, explanatory, fun, creative... Videos can be all that... and more! It’s with that in mind that BloomIdea creates video for a variety of projects and clients.

As an example of how to use video to tell a story, one of the projects of which BloomIdea is extremely proud and is keen on sharing are precisely the many videos it has created and produced forJosefinas, a luxury Portuguese brand of ballet flats. What began as a simple and practical video that illustrates the brand’s return/exchange policy, quickly grew wings for other, bigger flights. The result? Several short and entertaining videos to make the brand’s fans on social networks smile. In the meantime, more videos followed and there are more in the works!

From the idea to the actual shoot, without forgetting the script, soundtrack, voice over, special effects and precise editing, so that each second of the video reflects the brand, the project, the emotion and the story being told… that’s how we do video at BloomIdea. Yes, because videos don’t have to be and actually shouldn’t be all the same. Give life to a brand or project’s vision, putting it literally in front of your customers and fans’ eyes, inspiring and encouraging them to imagine, to smile, to cry, to share, to buy... that’s the impact video can have in telling a story!