Cool Travel - Travel and Tourism Agency

Cool Travel

Travel and Tourism Agency

Founded in 2007, CoolTravel is a company that organizes travels, events and experiences, and is proud to offer a rigorous and customer-focused service. However, their digital presence did not reflect their professionalism and quality, so they sought BloomIdea to help in this matter.

To provide a more complete travel experience to the user, to facilitate communication between travelers, and to make the information distribution easier (about the itinerary or possible changes in the original plan), BloomIdea developed both an integrated web-based platform and mobile apps.

On the CoolTravel website, the traveler finds the national and international travels that the agency offers at the moment, and when the destination is chosen, the agency provides all the relevant information through the smartphone app. A group chat is created for each travel, gathering everybody who is taking part in the travel, and the traveler is able to consult the itinerary (by day or map), an emergency contacts' list and recommendations suited for the chosen trip and destination. The app also sends custom push notifications, so that no information goes unnoticed.

CoolTravel’s content is now presented in an appealing and intuitive way in a Drupal website and in applications created in native language for iOS and Android, available in Portuguese and English.

Deciding the next holiday destination and enjoying the chosen travel, with the information in the palm of your hand, is now simpler and more pleasant due to the work of BloomIdea and CoolTravel. Where will you be travelling to?

Cool Travel