Federação Académica do Porto

Federação Académica do Porto

Federação Académica do Porto (FAP) (Academic Federation of Porto) was founded in 1989, and since then its course has been one of exponential growth. Nowadays it is made up of 27 associations, faithful custodians of the interests of the more than 60 000 students who are part of them. It operates in four higher education subsystems in Portugal: Universitário Público, Politécnico Público, Ensino Particular e Cooperativo and Ensino Concordatário.

In order to keep up with the technological evolution and the new trends that are emerging, FAP decided it was time to renovate its website and create an application, for Android and iOS, in order to improve the contact with all those who sought him out. BloomIdea developed this integrated platform between web and mobile applications, from design to web programming and mobile.

Thus, the platform has a cleaner, more responsive design that invites navigation, making possible to access different information about FAP, to understand in which areas it operates and how, future events, among other things. In addition, thinking of the students who are part of FAP, the applications are also linked to a robust and customized backoffice, available on the web, which allows to have all the content updated in real time!

BloomIdea is proud to have been part of this project, contributing to the growth of FAP, a reference in higher education in Oporto.

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