Health Game Mundi Inspirer

Health Game Mundi Inspirer

Mundi Inspirer App is an initiative of CINTESIS from Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto; Laboratório de Investigação e Reabilitação Respiratória (Lab3R) from Escola Superior de Saúde da Universidade de Aveiro; CMUP; Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciência ; MEDIDA; BloomIdea; MEDICIS; Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto; and Unidade de Imunoalergologia from Instituto CUF Porto. The app was created to meet the needs of people who suffer from Asthma.

This Health Game, available for iOS and Android, seeks to educate people- especially young people diagnosed with asthma- about their condition and, at the same time, warn them about the need to comply and follow up adequate therapy for their health problem, since it affects thousands of people worldwide.

Developed by BloomIdea for iOS and Android, the app Mundi Inspirer allows you to set a specific therapeutic plan (anyone may enter a type of medicine (tablet or inhaler), set the treatment duration in days, set the time to take the medication, register the number of daily occurrences, among other options) and share it with a doctor for a better control and monitoring of the results.

In addition, since it was created to think specifically about the fulfillment of treatments and the possibility for users to interact with each other, the app also has a social and gaming component in a counselor (Inspirer) and apprentice (Warrior) dynamic. They exchange messages of support between them, share their treatment historic with the doctor, and the Inspirer (an upper level, more experienced user that complied with his therapeutic plan) advises and guides the Warrior (a user of the initial level) so that it fulfills its treatment, receiving and accumulating points for it. This spirit of mutual assistance between asthma patients leads to the creation of a national and international network of Inspirers and Warriors, and ultimately creates a greater impact on the world.

This is one of the many projects in the health field that BloomIdea is keen to be associated with, as it is a way to bring mobile technologies closer to people and help them in their general health and well-being.

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