IziBeach is a digital platform with a mobile app that allows you to book shadowed places and rent sunbeds- both for visitors and for beach bar concessions and the hotel industry- in an easy and fast way on the concession beaches all over the country.

The platform aims to modernize the beach concessions, creating new technologies so that the whole process is more practical and simple, both for the final customer and for the concessions themselves. To achieve this, it counted with the support of BloomIdea that developed the apps for Android and iOS and a backoffice that allows the concessions to manage all the information and logistics (to draw the layout of the shadows at the beach, to see the rate of occupation of spaces and the revenue values, and manage the booking of shadows and sun lounges made from any location of the country), which made the whole process more dynamic and intuitive.

With IziBeach, finding the perfect beach and ideal shadow to enjoy a sunny day by the sea has never been easier... And everything is just a click away, through your computer, laptop or mobile device!

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