New York Cool

New York Cool

New York Cool is part of the By Cool World project and represents its first international experience in the field of tourism. The initiative presents a platform that shows all that is cool in the categories eating, visiting, mingling, shopping and going out in New York City, and aims to be a reference for all the new yorkers and tourists visiting the city.

The platform was developed by BloomIdea, in Portuguese, English and Spanish and features a very clean, sophisticated and intuitive design, which invites navigation. A responsive website arose, that offers an excellent experience to all users. At the content level, the site is divided into sections (eat, visit, mingle, shop, go out and sleep) and features a blog with very modern and interesting topics about New York City.

The most populous and popular city in the United States of America (USA) is, thus, well represented in a single place that shares the best suggestions of places to visit and activities that can be carried out there. With help from BloomIdea, New York Cool has excelled across borders and currently serves as an inspiration for other major cities around the world to do the same and to show the world all their tourism treasures.

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