Online Dance Challenge

Online Dance Challenge

Online Dance Challenge is a project by the Portuguese dancer Cifrão that is supported by the car brand SEAT. It's a competitive dance contest that already counts with several editions and offers all dance lovers- national or international- the opportunity to show their talents.

The contest allows all participants to present their work in a dance routine in video format in one or several dance styles. All works are assessed online by the public and by a panel of jurors with recognized merits in the dance world, and covers aspects such as the creativity, charisma and artistic freedom of each author.

BloomIdea was the chosen partner by the reputed Portuguese dancer for the development of the website, where all the information regarding the challenge, namely the official rules and regulations, the panel of judges, the calendar, the previous editions, the contest itself and the audience's possibility to vote on their favorite dancers can be found. The website has a very clean and intuitive look which invites all visitors to browse and vote.

Online Dance Challenge is thus responsible for launching various talents in the dance field in Portugal and, with BloomIdea's collaboration, it promises to return in full force in the near future for new editions and discoveries.

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