In Portugal, more than half of the houses have a pet, and most tutors claim to see their pets as a family member. However, two veterinary doctors have realized that most animal tutors first resort to the internet when doubts are raised regarding the well-being of their dogs, cats, birds, postponing the visit to the veterinary doctor!

Thus, the idea of creating an application that would allow tutors to draw doubts about the health of their animals came into being. Petappoint allows you to talk to a veterinarian in real time. Using a bot (automated response), which has been developed to measure, it is possible to do a screening process before interaction with the veterinarian. During the conversation with the veterinarian, he may ask the user to send photos and/or videos of the animal in order to better understand the situation. This application also allows you to answer questions automatically, such as: evaluate the service or ask for an indication of which clinics are in the area of the user.

To materialize the application, Petappoint had the support of BloomIdea, which was responsible for technological and visual development, and also for dissemination and promotion of this. Petappoint has already been reported in different media such as Dinheiro Vivo, Público and Sapo Tek. In view of the strong presence of animals in Portuguese houses, Petappoint becomes an indispensable app!

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