Pool Planet - From start to swim, the best pool in the hotel industry.

Pool Planet

From start to swim, the best pool in the hotel industry.

Pool Planet is a company based in Norway that builds and maintains large pools. With the increasing number of customers and geographic locations, the information management of each pool became difficult, so it was necessary to find a way to keep data organized and easily accessible, not only for Pool Planet but also for its customers, who need to place orders with frequency.

Thus, BloomIdea developed a web platform that, in addition to presenting the brand's digital image, enabling the budget request, and exposing the company's services and portfolio, includes a client area that facilitates the order of parts, as well as the management of all information.

Each customer has access to a private area with its swimming pools, as well as all parts and accessories used in its construction and maintenance (the information is organized by pool and category). In this way, the user can easily identify and order the necessary parts, and, in return, Pool Planet has an organized way of receiving its orders. Through the private area, the clients can also request a budget.

Pool Planet now has a multilingual website (in English, French, and Spanish), with an intuitive and appealing design, which makes it easier to maintain swimming pools – with BloomIdea's quality stamp, of course, which has been winning international customers from month to month!

Pool Planet