Social Media Marketing

Having a presence on social networks means being closer to your audience, but it's not enough to create an account or page – you need to create relevant, optimized, and appealing content. Social networks allow you to establish and deepen relationships, create ties, become important to your customers, to your fans, and to your friends. At BloomIdea we help you achieve these goals.

We have experience in creating and managing online presences on social networks, including creating pages that, in only a few months, reached hundreds of thousands of followers.

We and the social are hand and glove!

If your business needs to have a more relevant presence on social networks, we are able to help you through the following services:

  • Creating and managing pages;
  • Creation and management of campaigns;
  • Audience analysis;
  • Analysis of your social network competitors;
  • Creation of a social media presence strategy;
  • Creation of specific content for social networks (design and multimedia and written content creation).