They both appear before the website's address, and they both go unnoticed in the eyes of the most distracted users, but there's a big difference between a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol connection (HTTP) and a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure connection (HTTPS).
Many studies on consumption point to an obvious conclusion: most people hate to see ads while browsing the apps of their smartphones and tablets. But, in fact, when faced with the option of choosing between free apps with ads, or paying only $0.99 for ad-free apps, consumers actually prefer free apps.
The description is displayed on the application’s details page, in search results and algorithm lists, which means that the first lines have the function of explaining it, holding the attention and engaging those who are about to download. Check out our 10 tips on how to write a creative and functional description of your app, in order to ensure endless downloads.
The leading categories on the app stores are games, tools, education, health, entertainment and lifestyle, so if you have an idea related to any of these categories, you’re already on the right track. But, this path is only complete with a good analysis of the apps that already exist within that category, of your main competitors, of the way your app is different or can eventually stand out.