Grupo Ibersol

Intranet for over 650 restaurants.

UQ Consult is a management and accounting consultancy and services company that asked BloomIdea's help to develop a document repository for the Ibersol portal. This project aimed to keep all the information about the group's standards (such as Burger King, KFC, ÒKilo, Pans & Company, Pizza Hut, among others) organized, and to equip them with new technological tools to be up-to-date and deal with the market's new demands.

Festival Faz Música Lisboa

Lisbon's music festival.

Filling the Portuguese capital with music since 2011, the Faz Música Lisboa Festival brings, every year, an amazing soundtrack to the city and now the accords can also be heard online, thanks to the app that BloomIdea created for the event. With an iOS and Android version, the Faz Música Lisboa app was designed especially for those who don’t want to miss any of the great sounds that the festival proposes, so it is only natural that it provides the entire program, but also information about the stages, with photographs of these spots.

Work in Braga

Braga's employment platform.

Work in Braga helps in the search of the right person for a said job or function, as well as in the search for the right job for the characteristics of an individual. Now, employers and potential employees are easily in touch.

Cool Travel

Travel and Tourism Agency

CoolTravel is a company that organizes travels, events, and experiences, and it is proud to offer a trustworthy service, focused on the traveler's well-being. To provide a more complete experience to the CoolTravel customer, Bloomidea has developed an integrated web platform with mobile apps that make everything simpler.


The app that saves your spot at the beach.

IziBeach is a digital platform with a mobile app that allows you to book shadowed places and rent sunbeds- both for visitors and for beach bar concessions and the hotel industry- in an easy and fast way on the concession beaches all over the country.

Lisboa Cool

The best of Lisbon!

Lisboa Cool is that one best friend who discovers, tests, recommends and takes users on a unique trip - full of cool experiences - through the city of Lisbon. With two different proposals – the website and the app (available for Android and iOS) – the project displays the best places in the capital of Portugal.