De Mãe para Mãe

The largest maternity portal in Portugal!

The De Mãe para Mãe web portal is the biggest community for mothers and future mothers in Portugal. Women trying to conceive, pregnant women and recent moms share their deepest experiences in a place where they find comprehension, joy, friendship and sharing; everything connected to the act of being or dreaming of being a mother.

Tá Bonito

The best videos on the internet!

Amusing the Internet since 2010, Tá Bonito is a Portuguese entertainment site that is updated daily with the wildest videos of the moment. It all started with a simple Facebook page that, in just a few months, became a national phenomenon. According to Marktest, it is one of the top 10 most visited sites in Portugal and is the current leader in online entertainment.

Work in Braga

Braga's employment platform.

Work in Braga helps in the search of the right person for a said job or function, as well as in the search for the right job for the characteristics of an individual. Now, employers and potential employees are easily in touch.

D.A.M.A Talent Fund

The great social project of the music group

Making dreams come true is BloomIdea’s mission, which is why we’re proud to collaborate with the agency GLAM and D.A.M.A in the creation of the digital side of its new talent fund, with that same objective: to help Portuguese talent achieve their dreams in all kinds of artistic areas, from music and dance to sports, science and various other areas.

O Nosso Casamento

The reference portal for wedding planning.

O Nosso Casamento is the largest wedding portal in Portugal. It was born in 2006, and ever since its creation it has been leading the market and becoming a reference. BloomIdea works with the brand from the very beginning, and in addition to the technical support (development and design of all the versions of the platform), it's also responsible for all the digital marketing strategy of this reference brand!
They both appear before the website's address, and they both go unnoticed in the eyes of the most distracted users, but there's a big difference between a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol connection (HTTP) and a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure connection (HTTPS).
If you believe your brand can increase its digital footprint, have more impact on its followers, and be a real sales machine through social media, but you still don't know how to get there, we have a suggestion: promote giveaways on Instagram.
Instagram is an excellent network to promote your brand and create a community, and the best way to please your potential customers is by giving them what they want: who doesn't like to win and receive gifts?
Therefore, take this opportunity to proceed with a suggestion that not only creates engagement and notoriety, but also increases reach and traffic, while bringing you closer to your audience and promoting your brand. When doing a giveaway, your page will have more visits, more shares, more interaction and more recognition.
When we write a press release we have tendency to believe everything we write is relevant. But is the journalist going to have the same opinion? Probably not. A press release must contain only the major information – ideally, this information should be on only one page – and must answer six questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why?