20 ideas for Instagram Giveaways and Contests


We have already shared some techniques and combinations to organize and promote giveaways on Instagram, this time, we’ll go a step further. Today, you’ll find a selection of concrete suggestions of giveaways and contests you can take into account if you wish to create this type of content to achieve your goals.

  1. Simple draw

    It can be a combination of ‘Share + Like’; ‘Like + Comment’; or ‘Share + Tag friends’; etc. In these campaigns, the purpose is quite simple: to create engagement and reach more people.

  2. Promote a photo contest

    If this fits your brand's concept, you can ask your followers to share photos with (or related to) your products on their personal profiles. In this case, in addition to promoting content creation, you are making your brand reach the followers of the participants.

  3. Create the caption for a post

    This is a creative and fun way to create engagement. You can offer a product or service to the most creative answer, while attracting new followers to your profile who are interested in winning (or leaving a funny comment!).

  4. Create a slogan for the brand

    This proposal clearly tells the followers that their opinion is important. Asking them to share their ideas, in the comments section, for example, will not only create engagement, it will let you know what your followers think of your brand.

  5. Create the brand logo or the packaging for a new product

    As in the previous suggestion, asking for these interactions brings your brand closer to its audience and gives you a sense of how they see it.

  6. Periodic Contests

    When creating periodic contests (weekly, monthly, semiannual, annual, etc.) you are telling your followers that it is worth following your page since there is always something they can gain from it. This is a good way to test the type of content that works best and which products are most in demand by consumers.

  7. Votes in the comments

    This is a good way to create engagement and learn what are the audience's preferences. By showing, for example, three of your products, you can try to figure out which is the favorite and announce that the most voted product will be the one drawn.

  8. Flash Giveaway on Instagram Stories

    This is a bolder proposal, as it lasts only 24 hours. You can do a short-lived contest, only in the stories, in which you ask for answers or shares. In addition to testing the receptivity of your followers, you can test how your Instagram impacts them and see if your followers actually get to see your stories.

  9. Contest that takes people to the store

    Este tipo de passatempos pode promover, por exemplo, descontos em % a quem visitar a loja e comprovar que partilhou uma determinada publicação, fez gosto, etc. – isto irá promover a compra na sua loja e será, também, um pequeno empurrão para quem ainda não conhece os produtos.

  10. Birthday campaigns

    There are few things as personal as this date, so take advantage of it to create intimacy with your followers by offering them a product/service and showing them that they are important.

  11. Contest for reaching a certain number of followers

    There are few things as personal as this date, so take advantage of it to create intimacy with your followers by offering them a product/service and showing them that they are important.

  12. Partnership with another brand

    By joining other brand, you will both be promoting the ‘exchange of followers’. These campaigns do not guarantee the followers' permanence at the end of the contest, but they can be a good opportunity to increase your reach and promote your brand. The rules can be, for example, to follow both pages.

  13. Parceria com influencers

    These giveaways can take place on the Instagram page of your brand or on the page of the digital influencer of your choice. The goal is to attract the followers of the latter to your page while offering them one of your services/products. The rules can be, for example, to follow both pages.

  14. New product launch

    An excellent way to promote a new release is by announcing a giveaway. You can create the contest even before the launch and create ‘exclusivity’, guaranteeing the winner he'll know the product before everyone else. This type of approach can work best when your brand's image is already well established.

  15. Special Campaigns

    What do Christmas, Father's Day, Easter, ... all have in common? It is at these times that sales increase in any business. A giveaway is a good way to promote your brand and display your products in key times.

  16. Why does the follower deserve to win

    Inciting comments by asking followers why they deserve to win will create engagement on your page while letting you know your audience closely.

  17. Long-term Contests

    This is an example of a risky attempt and should choose a reward to match. Asking, for example, to comment, like, or tag different friends in all of your page's posts over a certain period of time is a good way to ensure that your followers are aware of your activity.

  18. Ask to fill in a blank

    Asking your followers to complete sentences, for example, can be a fun way to generate activity in your post. A good option is to encourage them to tag a friend. The most creative or right answer may be the winner.

  19. Create a trivia about te brand and reward the fans

    In case your brand is already well established in the market or you already have a significant number of fans, it makes sense to reward them by making a ‘selection’ of people who really know your brand. This way, you're telling your audience that they are important to you and that they will be rewarded for it.

  20. Giveaway to recruit

    Creating a contest where you promote a job offer, for example, is a good way to ensure that your future employee knows your brand. This proposal should, however, be well-thought-out and in sync with the way your brand communicates, but it can be the ideal way to recruit a creative mind, for example.


Bonus: Celebrate and important day for your business

If, for example, you have a music store, you can take advantage of National Music Day, or similar dates, to promote your brand and your products, while raising awareness to a cause that is dear to you.