How to innovate in marketing through apps

Como inovar em marketing através das apps

Today, one of the best ways for a brand to stand out is by being a pioneer in the use of technology: by discovering new ways to communicate through new technologies and, in this way, standing out from the gigantic crowd of competitors who repeat the same tactics, time and time again.

That's why BloomIdea is always on the quest for the latest news – because we know the secret of how to take a brand-new tool and turn it into a never before seen promotion technique. Proof: the Josefinas Power Stickers' app, which takes the new sticker technology of the iOS 10 version of Apple iMessage, and uses it to communicate the message of female power of Josefinas in a new way.

The Stickers of iMessage are a new development by Apple for the latest version of iOS, whose goal is to allow people to express themselves with more personality and originality, placing them on the contents of a chat for a more dynamic, interactive, and fun experience. Although several brands are already adapting this idea, BloomIdea was a pioneer in recognizing the potential of this tool for fashion brands, particularly a brand with a message as powerful as Josefinas', thus becoming the first national brand to develop an app of this nature.

The app allows users to send virtual Stickers representing the Power Stickers' products available in the Josefinas' online store. The message of the Power Stickers, which convey pride in being a woman and female power, thus gains a new means of communication, taking advantage of the use of new technologies to continue to reinforce a message of extreme social relevance, both nationally and internationally.

The final result? Is not only a completely new way to communicate the Josefinas' message and encourage the dissemination of the "Power Woman" message, but also a source for various news on relevant sites such as Vogue, Marketeer, Mood Magazine, Trendy and Briefing, among others. A joint Marketing and PR success that BloomIdea and Josefinas are proud of, all thanks to the ability to recognize new opportunities when they arise and be on the front line with regard to their use!