80 suggestions for promotional actions to implement in your online store

Implementar loja online

We remind you that each business has its particularities and that it is really important that the promotional action is in line with other factors (such as the marketing strategy, the target audience and the brand's concept), but after we have shown you some examples of promotions you can do in your online store, we share some promotional actions that might make sense for your business


Here are 80 campaign ideas for your online store:

  1. Store/company/brand anniversary campaign;
  2. Summer campaign;
  3. Back to school campaign;
  4. Special discount on the client's birthday;
  5. Discount on credit card payment;
  6. Offering a discount code through an action (e.g. following the brand on Instagram, replying to a questionnaire or sharing the favorite product);
  7. Tenth purchase offer;
  8. Discount on a friend's registration;
  9. Affiliate campaign;
  10. Christmas campaign;
  11. New Year's campaign;
  12. Discount for pre-sale orders;
  13. Mother's Day campaign;
  14. Discount on buying packages of products (e.g. buying the computer, the backpack and the mouse is more advantageous than buying the three individually);
  15. Discounts for registered customers;
  16. Newsletter subscription campaign;
  17. World Children's Day campaign;
  18. 24 hour free shipping;
  19. Discount on the product of the day;
  20. Brand of the month campaign;
  21. Black Friday campaign;
  22. Cyber Monday campaign;
  23. Special discount for students;
  24. Special discount for pensioners;
  25. Special discount for children;
  26. Special discount for the unemployed;
  27. Shipping offer if the client chooses to collect the order in a physical store;
  28. Offer of a surprise on the first order;
  29. Offer of discount codes to share with friends;
  30. Offer of a product in exchange for a testimony;
  31. Grandmothers Day campaign;
  32. Free shipping in all orders;
  33. Offer of a gift in purchases above a certain value;
  34. Flash campaign;
  35. Exclusive online campaign;
  36. Campaign in limited edition products;
  37. Price reduction if the customer finds it cheaper in a competitor;
  38. Offer of spare parts;
  39. Donation of a certain value to an institution by purchasing a product;
  40. Occasional discount codes (for no apparent reason, to maintain customer loyalty);
  41. Baby campaign;
  42. Sending samples;
  43. Creating a challenge for the customer to win a prize;
  44. Possibility to make the split payment;
  45. Discount in a given category of products;
  46. Monthly offers;
  47. Pre-launch offers;
  48. Discount on products previously added to cart on unfinished orders (abandoned carts);
  49. Halloween Campaign;
  50. Discount rate for a minimum purchase of a certain amount;
  51. Exclusive discounts for brand followers on social media;
  52. Clear stock campaign;
  53. End of season campaign;
  54. Weekend campaign;
  55. Fixed price in a given product category;
  56. Discounts on selected pieces campaign;
  57. Mardi Gras campaign;
  58. Father's Day Campaign;
  59. Discount code for customers who stopped buying in the store;
  60. Large quantities discount;
  61. Fixed discount;
  62. “Pay 1, Take 2" Campaign;
  63. Lowest value product offer;
  64. Populat Saints Campaign;
  65. Easter Campaign;
  66. Progressive Discounts;
  67. Offer of shipping to customers who make more than one order of a certain amount per month;
  68. Offer of a novelty in the purchase of a product;
  69. Points Reward Program;
  70. Second Unit Discount;
  71. Special Launch Discount;
  72. Campaign of the day;
  73. Discount on registration;
  74. International Friend's Day campaign;
  75. Happy Hour;
  76. Discount on next purchase;
  77. Wedding anniversary campaign;
  78. Valentine's Day campaign;
  79. Discount vouchers for the next purchases in the total value of the current order;
  80. Fashion Week campaign.