Josefinas Portugal

The first Portuguese brand managed by women to open a store in New York!

Josefinas is a luxury shoes brand that, among many things, made history by being a national, woman-led brand that opened a store in New York. It’s with great pride that BloomIdea has accompanied the brand from the beginning, and in various ways – public relations, business development and digital development.

De Mãe para Mãe

The largest maternity portal in Portugal!

The De Mãe para Mãe web portal is the biggest community for mothers and future mothers in Portugal. Women trying to conceive, pregnant women and recent moms share their deepest experiences in a place where they find comprehension, joy, friendship and sharing; everything connected to the act of being or dreaming of being a mother.


High quality products for visible results.

BodyPlus is an online store where you can find the best food supplements. It's a website of excellence in nutrition and supplementation, as it helps its customers make healthy and safe decisions about their nutritional supplementation.
The first words your customer reads in the email will set the overall tone of the communication. If you start with a 'Dear Sir/ Dear Madam', you will immediately set an impersonal and formal tone; if you open with 'Hello friends!', the reader will immediately feel a young, relaxed, and informal environment for the rest of the communication.


The artisan perfumery that embraces the History of Portugal.

Yntenzo is an artisan perfumery brand that presents an innovative concept: an experience store that allows its customers to create their bespoke perfume. Its products include references to Portugal, such as the Portuguese pavement and tiles, and are produced through cruelty-free and eco-friendly practices. Based in theses values, BloomIdea worked the brand's digital channels and developed a Marketing and Communication strategy that aimed to bring the brand closer to its audience, increase its notoriety, and reinforce its digital presence.


Supporting internationalization

The project "Minho - Capacitar para Internacionalizar" (Minho – Empower to Internationalize), acts and intervenes in the territory of Minho, covering the NUT II regions of Minho-Lima, Cávado and Ave, which are represented by ACIBTM, by IEMINHO, and by TecMinho. Its main objective is to support companies in the field of internationalization, through actions that aim to provide professionals with a higher degree of knowledge on the sector in which they operate.

O Nosso Casamento

The reference portal for wedding planning.

O Nosso Casamento is the largest wedding portal in Portugal. It was born in 2006, and ever since its creation it has been leading the market and becoming a reference. BloomIdea works with the brand from the very beginning, and in addition to the technical support (development and design of all the versions of the platform), it's also responsible for all the digital marketing strategy of this reference brand!
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