Josefinas Portugal

The first Portuguese brand managed by women to open a store in New York!

Josefinas is a luxury shoes brand that, among many things, made history by being a national, woman-led brand that opened a store in New York. It’s with great pride that BloomIdea has accompanied the brand from the beginning, and in various ways – public relations, business development and digital development.

De Mãe para Mãe

The largest maternity portal in Portugal!

The De Mãe para Mãe web portal is the biggest community for mothers and future mothers in Portugal. Women trying to conceive, pregnant women and recent moms share their deepest experiences in a place where they find comprehension, joy, friendship and sharing; everything connected to the act of being or dreaming of being a mother.


Trade everything you don't need for what you want the most!

The concept of SUOP is simple: to promote, a circular and sustainable economy through the exchange of products in a single app. The app was entirely developed by BloomIdea, which gave itself entirely to this project, also being responsible for its appealing design.


Studying medicine was never this easy!

Studying medicine is not an easy task, but Medflash helps. It is an application for iOS and Android, aimed at students and health professionals, which presents itself as a study aid. The goal? To help users optimize their study time. Medflash then resorted to BloomIdea to develop a more intuitive backoffice and aesthetically modernize the application.

Lenny Niemeyer

One of Brazil's most famous beachwear brands!

Created by Lenny Niemeyer, the brand with the same name presents luxury products within the scope of beach clothing. The first store opened in Ipanema, but today it has several points of sale of its own, and it's present in over 200 multi-brand boutiques, also offering online sales worldwide. BloomIdea was the chosen company to improve Lenny Niemeyer Europe’s digital presence, having created a totally English website, with a simple design and attention to detail.
Theoretically, product pages are very simple: they allow the customers to make an informed purchase and proceed with their order. However, there are some elements that should be taken into account to boost sales and make the customer experience more enjoyable – it's important that these pages are intuitive and easy to consult.

The goal is clear: to make the customer buy the product. What, then, are the elements you should include in your online store, in order to increase the chance of purchase by the visitor?


High quality products for visible results.

BodyPlus is an online store where you can find the best food supplements. It's a website of excellence in nutrition and supplementation, as it helps its customers make healthy and safe decisions about their nutritional supplementation.

Origens Bio

The biggest healthy eating e-commerce in Portugal!

Com a premissa de que os alimentos biológicos são sempre a melhor opção, a Origens Bio promove uma alimentação equilibrada à base de produtos diversificados e inovadores, cuja produção garante a sustentabilidade ambiental e a preservação do planeta.

Pool Planet

From start to swim, the best pool in the hotel industry.

Pool Planet is a company based in Norway that builds and maintains large pools. Thus, BloomIdea developed a web platform that, in addition to presenting the brand's digital image, enabling the budget request, and exposing the company's services and portfolio, includes a client area that facilitates the order of parts, as well as the management of all information.