Over 150 days you can use in your marketing strategy for 2020

Marketing strategy

Promotional campaigns are a good way to attract new customers and retain the current ones, and they are also an excellent way to dispose of the stock and reach the media.

We have shared with you some types of promotions that may be interesting for your business, and we have even suggested dozens of promotional actions that may be relevant to you, but themed days are an excellent way to create commercial campaigns and have a stake on communication that increases interaction with customers. Thus, in this article, we have gathered over 150 days you can use in your marketing strategy for 2020, provided that the communication is appropriate to the product and/or service you sell:


  1. New Year and World Day Of Peace (January 1st)
  2. World Braille Day (January 4th)
  3. "Dia de Reis" (King's Day) (January 6th)
  4. World Composer's Day (January 15th)
  5. International Spicy Food Day (January 16th)
  6. International Laughter Day (January 18th)
  7. Handwriting Day (January 23rd)
  8. Chinese New Year (January 25th)
  9. International Port Wine Day (January 27th)
  10. International Data Privacy Day (January 28th)
  11. World Puzzle Day (January 29th)
  12. Wold Magician Day and Backward Day (January 31st)


  1. World Cancer Day (February 4th)
  2. World Nutella Day (February 5th)
  3. Clean Out Your Computer Day (February 10th)
  4. International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11th)
  5. World Radio Day and International Condom Day (February 13th)
  6. Valentine's Day (February 14th)
  7. International Mother Language Day (February 21st)
  8. World Thinking Day (February 22nd)
  9. Mardi Gras (February 25th)
  10. International Polar Bear Day (February 27th)


  1. International Wildlife Day (March 3rd)
  2. Employee Appreciation Day (March 6th)
  3. International Women's Day (March 8th)
  4. World Plumbing Day (March 11th)
  5. Pi Day (March 14th)
  6. White Day (March 14th)
  7. World Consumer Rights Day (March 15th)
  8. Freedom of Information Day (March 16th)
  9. St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)
  10. Father's Day (March 19th)
  11. International Happiness Day (March 20th)
  12. World Tree Day, European Day of Artistic Creativity, World Puppet Day, and World Poetry Day (March 21st)
  13. World Water Day (March 22nd)
  14. National Student Day (Marc 24th)
  15. Portuguese Book Day (March 26th)
  16. World Theater Day (March 27th)
  17. World Backup Day (March 31st)


  1. April 1st and International Fun at Work Day (April 1st)
  2. International Children's Book Day (April 2nd)
  3. World Mice Day (April 4th)
  4. Palm Sunday (April 5th)
  5. World Physical Activity Day (April 6th)
  6. World Health Day (April 7th)
  7. Golfer's Day (April 10th)
  8. Easter (April 12th)
  9. Kiss Day (April 13th)
  10. International Coffee Day (April 14th)
  11. World Art Day (April 15th)
  12. World Voice Day (April 16th)
  13. International Day for Monuments and Sites (April 18th)
  14. World Earth Day (April 22nd)
  15. World Book Day (April 23rd)
  16. Freedom Day (April 25th)
  17. World Graphic Design Day (April 27th)
  18. World Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28th)
  19. World Dance Day (April 29th)
  20. International Jazz Day (April 30th)


  1. Labor Day (May 1st)
  2. Mother's Day (May 3rd)
  3. International No Diet Day (May 6th)
  4. Europe Day (May 9th)
  5. International Nurses Day (May 12th)
  6. International Day of Families (May 15th)
  7. World Whiskey Day (May 16th)
  8. Internet Day, World Telecommunication Day, and World Baking Day (May 17th)
  9. International Museum Day (May 18th)
  10. International Biodiversity Day and Portuguese Author's Day (May 22nd)
  11. World Turtle Day and World Meteorological Day (May 23rd)
  12. Africa Day (May 25th)
  13. International Day of Action for Women's Health and World Play Day (May 28th)
  14. Brother's Day (May 31st)


  1. World Children's Day (June 1st)
  2. World Bicycle Day (June 3rd)
  3. World Environment Day (June 5th)
  4. World Oceans Day (June 6th)
  5. Portugal Day and Iced Tea Day (June 10th)
  6. International Sushi Day, Sustainable Gastronomy Day, and International Picnic Day (June 18th)
  7. World Productivity Day (June 20th)
  8. International Day of Yoga, European Music Day, and World Giraffe Day (June 21st)
  9. World Social Media Day (June 30th)


  1. World Library Day and International Joke Day (July 1st)
  2. International Day Plastic Bag Free Day (July 3rd)
  3. Bikini Day (July 5th)
  4. World Chocolate Day (July 7th)
  5. World Pizza Day (July 10th)
  6. World Rock Day (July 13th)
  7. Tailors and Dressmakers Day (July 23rd)
  8. Cousins Day (July 24th)
  9. World Grandmother's Day (July 26st)
  10. International Day of Friendship (July 30th)
  11. System Administrator Day (July 31st)


  1. Oyster Day (August 5th)
  2. International Beer Day (August 7th)
  3. International Cat Day (August 8th)
  4. World Lion Day (August 10th)
  5. Play in the Sand Day (August 11th)
  6. International Youth Day, Middle Child Day, and World Elephant Day (August 12th)
  7. World Left-handers Day (August 13th)
  8. Black Cat Day (August 17th)
  9. World Photography Day (August 19th)
  10. International Strange Music Day
  11. International Artists Day (October 25th)
  12. International Women's Equality Day (August 26th)


  1. World Beard Day (September 5th)
  2. World Physical Therapy Day (September 8th)
  3. Pregnant Women’s Day, World Post Office's Day, and World Egg Day (September 9th)
  4. Day of the Programmer (September 12th)
  5. International Dot Day (September 15th)
  6. International Country Music Day (September 17th)
  7. Software Freedom Day (September 19th)
  8. World Day of Gratitude and International Day of Mini Golf (September 21st)
  9. Car-Free Day (September 22nd)
  10. International Pharmacist Day and World Dream Day (September 25th)
  11. World Day of Contraception (September 26th)
  12. World Tourism Day (September 27th)
  13. World Heart Day (September 29th)
  14. International Translation Day and International Podcast Day (September 30th)


  1. World Music Day, World Vegetarian Day, National Water Day, and International Day of the Elderly (October 1st)
  2. World Smile Day (October 2nd)
  3. Establishment of the Republic (October 5th)
  4. National Castle's Day (October 7th)
  5. World Vision Day (October 8th)
  6. World Mental Health Day (October 10th)
  7. International Day of the Girl (October 11th)
  8. World Be Bald and Free Day (October 14th)
  9. World Food Day and World Bread Day (October 16th)
  10. International Apple Day (October 21st)
  11. World Pasta Day (October 25th)
  12. International Animation Day (October 28th)
  13. Halloween and World Savings Day (October 31st)


  1. World Vegan Day (November 1st)
  2. Sandwich Day (November 3rd)
  3. World Cinema Day (November 5th)
  4. World Day of Laziness (November 7th)
  5. European Healthy Eating Day (November 8th)
  6. São Martinho Day (November 11th)
  7. World Quality Day (November 12th)
  8. World Prematurity Day (November 17th)
  9. International Men’s Day (November 19th)
  10. National Pajama Day (November 20th)
  11. World Television Day and World Hello Day (November 21st)
  12. Day to take a walk (November 22nd)
  13. World Science Day (November 24th)
  14. National Entrepreneur's Day (November 25th)
  15. Thanksgiving (November 26th)
  16. Black Friday (November 27th)
  17. Cyber Monday (November 30th)


  1. Cookie Day (December 4th)
  2. Bathtub Party Day and International Ninja Day (December 5th)
  3. International Mountain Day and International Tango Day (December 11th)
  4. International Children's Day on Radio and Television and Violin Day  (December 13th)
  5. International Tea Day (December 15th)
  6. Crossword Day (December 21st)
  7. Christmas (December 25th)
  8. Boxing Day (December 26th)
  9. New Year's Eve (December 31st)