The app every parent loves.

Coughing can mean a lot of things: infections, sore throat, asthma, allergies or other symptoms. But, despite being so common and recurring, diagnosing its meaning is not that simple, it requires attention and the right conditions that allow you to listen to and analyze the cough’s sound. Fortunately, now there’s an app for that!


Studying medicine was never this easy!

Studying medicine is not an easy task, but Medflash helps. It is an application for iOS and Android, aimed at students and health professionals, which presents itself as a study aid. The goal? To help users optimize their study time. Medflash then resorted to BloomIdea to develop a more intuitive backoffice and aesthetically modernize the application.


The artisan perfumery that embraces the History of Portugal.

Yntenzo is an artisan perfumery brand that presents an innovative concept: an experience store that allows its customers to create their bespoke perfume. Its products include references to Portugal, such as the Portuguese pavement and tiles, and are produced through cruelty-free and eco-friendly practices. Based in theses values, BloomIdea worked the brand's digital channels and developed a Marketing and Communication strategy that aimed to bring the brand closer to its audience, increase its notoriety, and reinforce its digital presence.

O Bebé Mais Feliz do Mundo

De Mãe para Mãe and Vertbaudet's Contest

From a contest developed for De Mãe para Mãe, sponsored by Vertbaudet, the “O Bebé Mais Feliz do Mundo” (The Happiest Baby in the World) was born. In honor of mother’s month (May), De Mãe Para Mãe – the largest website and community of mothers in the country – conceived an idea to find the happiest baby in the world.


The reference portal for tattoo lovers

Tatuagem is the reference in its sector for lovers of tattoos. At Tatuagem, lovers of this subject can clarify questions, find tips and suggestions, see famous people’s tattoos, information and trivia on the world of tattoos, trends and fashion, among other features dedicated to this art and community.

Taking health seriously., by Genehome, is closely related to the development of mobile apps in the areas of health and fitness. In a way, it helps everyone with a health concern, regarding, mainly, weight control, blood pressure, and blood sugar.