5 tips to increase your sales on Christmas


Christmas is a fantastic time for sales, but you’re probably not seizing all the ways you can increase your sales during this time. Thanks to the new technologies, it’s increasingly easy to stay in touch with existing customers and make your products and services known to potential new customers.

To help you make the most of your sales during Christmas, BloomIdea offers you 5 tips (and an extra one for bonus!) to increase your sales during the Christmas season in a simple and effective way:

1. Give your website a Christmas look

An updated website conveys an image of a modern and active company, and following different seasons is a good way to show that you’re active and that your products would be excellent Christmas presents! Therefore, giving your website a Christmas look is a great idea to show you’re up to date and align the Christmas spirit with your brand, leading people to want to visit your store or, if it’s an e-commerce store, to buy online in time for Christmas.

If you need a team to give your website a new holiday look, or even create a root web platform that meets all your needs, consult web development services!!

2. Make discounts or reductions

It’s proven that discounts and reductions have a powerful effect on consumers’ purchasing decision, creating an additional justification to purchase a product at the instant. In the holiday season, in which buyers will be looking to save the maximum given all the Christmas shopping to do, creating a holiday discount, such as, for example, a Christmas discount for certain products, it’s a good way to motivate immediate purchase and potentially create another positive factor compared to the competition.

An additional suggestion to take into account is to set some limit for promotional action that will further encourage purchase at the moment. For example, adding a time limit until the end of the promotion creates another important factor in the purchasing decision - which will have even more effect if it’s represented visually with, for example, a countdown -, or creating urgency through a description of the inventory that’s left, for example “Only three left!”, or a more general indication, such as “limited Stock”.

3. Sell associated products

In addition to promotions, consider which products the users buy and which products complement them. For example, if you sell mobile phones, accessories such as mobile cases, portable external batteries and earphones are complementary products that bring more value to the main product.

Promote these secondary products when the customer buys the main one. This is called cross-selling and is an extremely effective way to increase your sales, as it’s a logical way to serve your customer’s needs while promoting the purchase of more products. This is prevalent on e-commerce platforms like online stores, but it can also be applied in physical stores - take into account the positioning of products on the shelves and promote the association of products through suggestions from your sellers in the purchase.

4. Choose the right words

Never underestimate the power of words. The right word at the right time is a vital tool to drive people into buying. In addition, the content and the keywords that you use are of utmost importance to search engines like Google, being that seeking to achieve the first places in the search results for the products you want to sell involves using the right words in the ideal way - a component of Search Engine Optimizationor SEO.

Here, take into account the terms that describe your products and the words that lead most to the sale - terms such as “Buy now” (a call-to-action), “Exclusive Discounts” and “Best Prices” have a proven effect on increased sales. At the same time, be careful not to “fill” the pages with words that you think Google will consider relevant, without taking into account the logic of the content, as this may have the opposite result and harm your position in the results.

5. Use social networks to communicate

We have recently explained the advantages and ways to increase the awareness of your brand and generate sales through social networks, and these apply even more during Christmas season. Being present and active on social networks during Christmas season not only brings you one more way to find new customers, but also allows you to strengthen your brand by showing a more festive and Christmas oriented perspective. Make sure you don’t focus just on promoting your discounts and products, but also seek to establish a personal connection with your fans by publishing Merry Christmas wishes, festive images and fun content.

Bonus! Create an e-commerce platform

If you don’t have an e-commerce platform yet, like a responsive online store, seriously consider creating one. E-commerce continues to grow internationally as well as in Portugal, so the longer we ignore this sales platform, the more sales you’ll continue to lose to competitors that have already evolved. Learn how BloomIdea can create the perfect e-commerce store for you.

These are our main tips for taking advantage of Christmas season to increase your sales, but this isn’t all we know! If you want customized suggestions for your business and to learn about how we can help you sell more and more the rest of the year, contact us!