7 tests that a brand’s name must pass


Who never had trouble thinking of a unique and spectacular name for a project, event or brand, raise your hand! It’s no easy task, but since it has to be done, and because it’s a strategic and creative job that we have to increasingly rely on, we’d like to present 7 tests that a brand’s name must pass in order to be approved. Is the name you’ve been thinking about going to ace these tests?

Does the name stand out?

A good name is unique. In addition to being original, a unique name has to stand out... in a good way, of course! If you were able to come up with a different and unusual name, one that stands out for the right and positive reasons, then congratulations, you’re on the right track!

Is the name short?

Does the name you’re considering for your brand or project have 4 syllables or less? The truth is, a short name is catchier, more memorable, and has a higher probability in remaining top of mind in the heads and in the hearts of fans and customers.

Is the name appropriate?

Does the name you’re mulling over, truly match the brand? Does it live up to the product/service that the brand offers? Does it fit the concept, mission, values defined by and for the brand, like a glove? Does it express any connotation or second sense that might be interpreted in a negative way?

Is the name friendly/cute/cool?

You can’t stop repeating the name you just thought of because it’s just so friendly/cute/cool/phonetically pleasing? You just feel like saying it over and over and shouting it from the rooftops? Congratulations, you most likely just found a great name for your brand.

Is the name easy to pronounce?

Now, it doesn’t really matter if you have a super cool name, if it’s not easy to pronounce! When it comes to brainstorming names, all possible ideas should be tested aloud and even given to other people so that they can read them spontaneously. So what’s the verdict: is the name easy to pronounce or not?

Is the name extendable to the brand?

Are you already imagining the name associated with a logo, a store window, the product packaging, the website, the merchandising... basically, everything and anything? Is there a consistent line between the name and the brand? And if there are plans for the brand’s internationalization, will the name work in the four corners of the world?

Can the name be registered?

There’s no use in having an original, short and appropriate name, one that stands out, that's cute and easy to pronounce and which is perfect for branding, if it’s not free to be registered as yours, and only yours! Check with the trademark registration service before deciding on a final name – otherwise you may have to go back to square one!