Josefinas Portugal

The first Portuguese brand managed by women to open a store in New York!

Josefinas is a luxury shoes brand that, among many things, made history by being a national, woman-led brand that opened a store in New York. It’s with great pride that BloomIdea has accompanied the brand from the beginning, and in various ways – public relations, business development and digital development.

De Mãe para Mãe

The largest maternity portal in Portugal!

The De Mãe para Mãe web portal is the biggest community for mothers and future mothers in Portugal. Women trying to conceive, pregnant women and recent moms share their deepest experiences in a place where they find comprehension, joy, friendship and sharing; everything connected to the act of being or dreaming of being a mother.


Trade everything you don't need for what you want the most!

The concept of SUOP is simple: to promote, a circular and sustainable economy through the exchange of products in a single app. The app was entirely developed by BloomIdea, which gave itself entirely to this project, also being responsible for its appealing design.


The app every parent loves.

Coughing can mean a lot of things: infections, sore throat, asthma, allergies or other symptoms. But, despite being so common and recurring, diagnosing its meaning is not that simple, it requires attention and the right conditions that allow you to listen to and analyze the cough’s sound. Fortunately, now there’s an app for that!


The European project for the collection and recycling of used batteries.

The main goal of Eucobat – the European association of national collection schemes for batteries – is to increase the collection and recycling of batteries at the European level, and, to achieve this goal, they decided to make an application for smartphones that makes it easier to find collections points closer to the user.


Studying medicine was never this easy!

Studying medicine is not an easy task, but Medflash helps. It is an application for iOS and Android, aimed at students and health professionals, which presents itself as a study aid. The goal? To help users optimize their study time. Medflash then resorted to BloomIdea to develop a more intuitive backoffice and aesthetically modernize the application.

Tá Bonito

The best videos on the internet!

Amusing the Internet since 2010, Tá Bonito is a Portuguese entertainment site that is updated daily with the wildest videos of the moment. It all started with a simple Facebook page that, in just a few months, became a national phenomenon. According to Marktest, it is one of the top 10 most visited sites in Portugal and is the current leader in online entertainment.

Festival Faz Música Lisboa

Lisbon's music festival.

Filling the Portuguese capital with music since 2011, the Faz Música Lisboa Festival brings, every year, an amazing soundtrack to the city and now the accords can also be heard online, thanks to the app that BloomIdea created for the event. With an iOS and Android version, the Faz Música Lisboa app was designed especially for those who don’t want to miss any of the great sounds that the festival proposes, so it is only natural that it provides the entire program, but also information about the stages, with photographs of these spots.

Cool Travel

Travel and Tourism Agency

CoolTravel is a company that organizes travels, events, and experiences, and it is proud to offer a trustworthy service, focused on the traveler's well-being. To provide a more complete experience to the CoolTravel customer, Bloomidea has developed an integrated web platform with mobile apps that make everything simpler.